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2017 marks the roll-out of this website: the new home of the National Numeracy Network (NNN).  This website highlights NNN's three primary goals: (1) Organizing conferences on numeracy, (2) Sponsoring Numeracy: the #1 peer-reviewed journal focused on Quantitative Literacy, and (3) Coordinating Quantitative Centers at colleges.

Mission: See "About the NNN"

With your support we can improve the level of numeracy in academia, schools and the world at large.

Numeracy Questions!!! [Milo Schield]

1)  Eight Men have Half the World's Wealth
     Which is this?  (1) "Half of all the wealth in the world" or (2) the wealth of "half the world" or
         "half the world's population"?  What do your students think? 
          If it is #2, is it (a) "the wealth of the poorer half" or (b) "the wealth of the richer half"?
          If (2a), is it misleading to omit mentioning the "poorer half"?
          Could the richest 8 men have the same wealth as the richest half of the world's population?

US 2014 abortion rate lowest in last 10 years   

Q. Which is this? 
(1) the abortion rate per 1000 women (age 15-44) or
(2) the abortion rate per 100 pregnancies? 
Q. Is it possible that #1 could go down in the US
while #2 could go up during the same time period? 
Q. What would cause or explain #1 going down?
Q. What would cause or explain #2 going up?

Numeracy Paper of the Month: 4/2017

Providing Open-Access Know How for Directors of Quantitative and Mathematics Support Centers by Michael Schuckers, Mary B. O'Neill, and Grace Coulombe.

QL Blog by Eric Gaze - NNN President


Quantitative Reasoning & Writing: Bernie Madison

Audio (35 minutes)   Bernie's frank overview of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the Quantitative Literacy movement.  This was the plenary talk at the 2011 NNN National Meeting in Asheville, NC, Oct 14-16.  The introduction is by Caren Diefenderfer. 

New Web Home

As of 2017, NNN has a new home on the web thanks to Marc Isaacson (NNN webmaster) and Milo Schield (NNN VP).   With friendlier access, lower cost, and the same automated membership tracking and billing as before, NNN is in a better position to support its mission and its members.   The NNN thanks Marc and Milo.


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