NNN News: 2018

Investigating College Students' Reasoning
With Messages of Risk and Causation

Luke Tunstall (NNN Board Member). 
Jrnl Statistical Education 2018 Vol 26.2, P 76-86

Calculated democracy—Explorations in gerrymandering

by David McCune and Luke Tunstall (NNN Board Member): Teaching Statistics, 2018.

NNN 2018: October 12-14, Michigan State University!

The 2018 NNN Annual Meeting held at Michigan State U.
was a success: 70+ attendees; 34 presentations by 55 authors.
Huge thanks to Luke Tunstall, Vincent Melfi and MSU
for partnering with NNN and hosting the conference.

NNN VP, Milo Schield, selected as
2018 ASA Fellow
by the American Statistical Association

This honor is limited to 0.3% of the members of the ASA (61/18,000).  Few are statistical educators
at small collegesNomination. CV,   Citations   
Milo presented an invited talk at the International Conference on Teaching Statistics (ICOTS) in Kyoto.  Confounding & Cornfield: Back to the Future.

Numeracy Editor, Nathan Grawe, publishes

Demographics and The Demand for Higher Education 
(Jan 1, 2018.  Johns Hopkins University Press) 

This book examines how recent demographic shifts are likely to affect demand for higher education and explores how colleges and policymakers may respond to meet institutional and national goals.    See also Amazon.

Six Books that Sharpened my BS Detector
Jason Makansi (April 2018)  PDF

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