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Nov 19, 2017
Len Vacher receives Bernie Madison

Outstanding Contribution Award


Whereas H. Len Vacher has provided exceptional editorial leadership of the journal Numeracy in its first decade and Whereas Numeracy has been established as the primary venue for scholarly discussion of the advancement of our cause, the Board of the National Numeracy Network recognizes with gratitude the many achievements of H. Len Vacher.   [Presented by NNN President, Eric Gaze]

Audio-only:  Eric Gaze presenting,   Len Vacher acceptance.   Nathan Grawe Numeracy

Video:  Eric Gaze 3 min (10s load),   Len Vacher 3 min (10s load).   Nathan Grawe 19 min; 24s load


2017/11/15   NNN Numeracy Editor, Nathan Grawe, authors Demographics and the Demand for Higher Education.

2017/10/25. Nate Silver video: Journalists need statistical literacy. 

2017/10/22 Beware! Figures Are Often Manipulated by Bruce Wilds.  "In today's world, innumeracy is an even greater danger than illiteracy."   Innumeracy: "An inability to understand the rules of percentages, ratios, statistics and basic math logic."  "we must have a sound and basic understanding of numbers, what they represent, and how to relate to them."

2017/09/18   US Median Income Up -- Maybe.
In 2015, "income" is redefined to include money from retirement accounts.  pdf

2017/09/11   Why Math Is the Best Way to Make Sense of the World.
To improve critical thinking, take more math and science, Rebecca Goldin

2017/08/20  CSU Ends Remedial Classes by Pamela Burden

Numeracy Questions!!! [Milo Schield, 7/2017]

1)  Eight Men have Half the World's Wealth
     Which is this?  (1) "Half of all the wealth in the world" or (2) the wealth of "half the world" or
         "half the world's population"?  What do your students think? 
          If it is #2, is it (a) "the wealth of the poorer half" or (b) "the wealth of the richer half"?
          If (2a), is it misleading to omit mentioning the "poorer half"?
          Could the richest 8 men have the same wealth as the richest half of the world's population?

US 2014 abortion rate lowest in last 10 years   

Q. Which is this? 
(1) the abortion rate per 1000 women (age 15-44) or
(2) the abortion rate per 100 pregnancies? 
Q. Is it possible that #1 could go down in the US
while #2 could go up during the same time period? 
Q. What would cause or explain #1 going down?
Q. What would cause or explain #2 going up?
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