The National Numeracy Network (NNN) promotes education that integrates quantitative skills across all disciplines and at all levels. To this end the Network supports faculty development, curriculum design, assessment strategies, education research and systemic change. The Network is the professional organization serving and promoting collaborations among those students, educators, academic centers, educational institutions, professional societies and corporate partners sharing our vision. The Network also strives to keep issues of quantitative literacy at the forefront of national and international conversations about educational priorities.

At this site you can sign up for membership in the organization.  For more information on the NNN and to browse through materials related to teaching numeracy and quantitative skills, see the main NNN website.


The Numeracy Journal is published by the NNN in cooperation with the University of South Florida (USF).    Here is our 2018-Memorandum of Understanding.   The  NNN is very grateful to the USF Libraries in general, and to Todd Chavez, Dean of the USF Library, in particular for their strong support of our journal.


Use this online membership form to join the NNN

(Note: This form uses paypal to process our electronic payments including credit cards.  You may also elect "manual" payment if you prefer to be invoiced and pay by check.)

Benefits of Membership:
Individual members ($30) join a broad network of individuals sharing the goal of a numerate society, including access to the NNN's list-serv.

Institutional members ($250 for six individual memberships) are allowed to promote their institution's programs on the NNN website.  In addition, the NNN will assist academic institutional members in identifying individuals to serve on external review teams when quantitative literacy programs are under review.

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