2017 NNN Annual Meeting in New York City

Invitation from NNN President

Welcome: Eric Gaze
video 6 min; 20s load

Friday night keynote by Barnard's President: Sian Leah Beilock .

Math Anxiety:
Who has it, why it develops, and how to guard against it


Sat keynote: Joel Best, author of Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics: "Questioning Quintiles" Video/partial

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Friday:  5:30 Reception. 6:30 Keynote. 7:00 Dinner/Buffet
Sat AM: 8:30 Breakfast.         9-12:30 Paper Sessions
Sat PM: 12:30 Lunch.          2:15-4:30 Paper Sessions
4:30-5:30 Keynote by Joel Best: Questioning Quintiles
Sunday:  9-12:30 Sessions.   12:45 Board Meeting (Open)

Schedule of Sessions (Sat - Sun)

Invitation to Statistical Educators

Call for Sesion Moderators


November 17-19: Friday-Sunday

Supper and Opening Keynote Friday evening.  Sessions Saturday-Sunday

Barnard College (116th St; Line1)

Call for Papers (wait list) and Posters

Subway Map    Barnard College Map

NNN 2017 Barnard Contact: Alisa Rod


Associate Director of The Empirical Reasoning Center

Registering NNN attendees

Marc Isaacson talk video:    Part1 (11 min).   Part 2 (12 min)

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