Caren Diefenderfer Memoriam (3/31/2017)

Hollins Mourns Diefenderfer      Obituary

Caren Diefenderfer was on the faculty at Hollins University for over 30 years.

From Len Vacher:  Caren was one of NNN’s first members, actively participating in the Moose Mountain retreat (June 2004) where the NNN was formed as a membership organization (see Madison and Steen 2008, Numeracy 1(1): article 2).  

Later, she became the third president of the board of directors (2011-2013).  As president of the board, she wrote a Numeracy editorial (Diefenderfer 2012, Numeracy 5(1): article 1), with the only-by-Caren type of title: “The Joy of Quantitative Reasoning.”  Here is what she said in the abstract:

 One of the advantages of focusing on quantitative reasoning is that it spans a wide variety of topics. As incoming president of the National Numeracy Network, I would like to take the opportunity of this editorial to tell my story of intellectual reward from finding common purpose in quantitative reasoning with colleagues from disciplines outside of mathematics. The story starts with an NSF-funded faculty development project (DUE-9952807) to further a QR across-the-curriculum program and the finding from that program that merging authentic context with mathematics brings interaction and collaboration. That joy in learning from and working with colleagues in other disciplines has now expanded to seeking authentic context for all of my mathematics courses and being open to new ways of thinking. (   

Caren was extraordinarily active in and appreciated by the MAA.  She was presented a Haimo Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics by the MAA at its annual meeting this past January 5 [2017].   See p. 13-15 of for information about that, including the citation, biographical note, and response.   Complete citation.


Caren (left) at the 2012 NNN conference at Lehman College


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