Steen Award

The National Numeracy Network (NNN) hosts the annual Steen award.  Named for Lynn Steen, one of the early leaders of the quantitative literacy movement and author of many influential works promoting QL, the award goes to the best article from the most recent volume of the NNN’s journal Numeracy as judged by the Awards Subcommittee of the Board of NNN.  Criteria for selection include the overall quality of the paper, its effectiveness in promoting a significant numeracy theme or the movement in general, use of evidence-based research in QL, possible impact on teaching and learning within QL, and relevance to larger societal issues impacted by QL. 


The Board of the National Numeracy Network (NNN) is pleased to announce the inaugural 2017 Steen Award winner.    This year’s award, selected from articles in Volume 10, published during 2017, goes to Louise Yarnall and Michael Andrew Ranney for their article, Fostering Scientific and Numerate Practices in Journalism to Support Rapid Public Learning, Vol. 10, Issue 1. January 2017. While there were a number of high quality articles to choose from in Volume 10, Yarnall and Ranney’s article stood out for its clarity and timeliness in addressing the need to foster numeracy among journalists, an issue that will have a significant impact on the global community in the current era of "fake news." It is an article that should be accessible and of interest to a wide audience. 

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